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Hey A.J., It’s Bedtime!

This project for children’s author and NFL star, Martellus Bennett, was a book and app entitled, ‘Hey AJ it’s Bedtime!’, the second in the Hey AJ series.


Following on from our work on ‘Hey AJ it’s Saturday’, the first book and app, we knew what the client wanted, high-end production values (for the printed book) and high levels of interactivity and ‘general awesomeness’ for the app.


The hardback book was covered in a silver foil glitter midnight blue cloth, with embossed title and cover art, and came in a bespoke box to make a real impact.


The new interactive app, is bigger, better and even more involved than it’s predecessor app ‘Hey, AJ It’s Saturday’, with more gaming elements and content than before. Marty really wanted to make an impact with this latest instalment, we think it succeeds.


See the App in action – Download from links below:

Apple Version

Android Version

Kindle Version



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