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Luxury Scope

Luxury Scope

Branding, Print & Packaging, Exhibitions & Marketing

A new start-up from one of our existing clients, calling themselves ‘Luxury Scope’, with a serious passion for natural, sustainable and organic wellness products – offering pure beauty for body and mind. They aim is to find the best and most natural products possible, made from sustainable sources and manufactured in small batches, using traditional methods and craftsmanship. 


Their ethos isn’t about ‘Luxury’ items that literally cost the earth but instead sourcing eco-materials that don’t harm or negatively effect the planet and so creating peace of mind and clarity for their customers. Taking this on board and after reading much research, we developed the brand using a simple iconic droplet to symbolise the pure essence of the companies aspirations. For various applications we abbreviating the name to LS creating a stamp of recognition and approval often overlaying over images of Scandinavian scenery or nature with transparency and openness.

The fonts were kept minimal and in true Scandi-style simplicity reigns supreme here. The over all look is incredibly modern but also classic, clear contrast in the stroke width between the two fonts and partly slanted line ends. We choose a colour palette based on the natural ingredients of the LS products – settling on a peaceful shade of pure lavender purple. 


For various shows including Lifestyle Live, we produced large format exhibition stands and the brand was rolled out over packing and promotional items. 


Branding, Marketing, Print & Packaging