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White Shark is an established educational brand that has built up it’s customer user data base of KS1/KS2 primary schools over many years. Over this time, things have moved on dramatically in the industry with many competitors offering more intuitive online based tools adapting for a modern, sophisticated child. In order to compete it is essential for the company to change its current model both technically and creatively to adapt not only for now but for the future. We were asked to deliver the creative part of this overhaul. Our vision would be to take the current stand alone independent product and merge into one clear, friendly space, making every single user journey throughout as simple and intuitive as possible for all users of the product. The product has a high usage amongst students with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, therefore accessibility requirements need to be a consideration in the UI design for these types of users. 


From the ground up, starting at the back end right through to the front end user interface we looked at the user journeys, reducing the amount of steps it takes the user to get from log-in to playing games and learning. Additionally, from an admin users (teachers) perspective whose time is so critical, the ease of setting up and managing on a day-to-day basis is essential.


Parent company, White Space required a complete re-design and build of the existing downloadable product and conversion to an online subscription based ‘Software as Service’ tool. The expectations for the new product were: Complete creative strategy and delivery for the user interface and journey, along with new assets for existing games. Design of new user interface for ‘software as service’ for both products with two variations for child user and teacher/administrator. Evolution rather than revolution in the design, so existing users can easily transition from the desktop version to the online version whilst feeling familiar with the environment. Streamline the user journey throughout the application, minimising the levels of clicks required to navigate and access features, in what is quite a sophisticated number of existing choices. The publisher is looking for a fresh, clean and uncluttered interface. Age and gender neutral graphics suitable for older students as well as the younger ones (5-16years). Dyslexia, SEND, EAL freindly in design and functionality.


The Wordshark schools site was launched Sept 2019 but is limitied to teacher /school access for an annual sign up fee so unfortunley viewing the live functionalily is limited. Here’s a recent review for reference: https://www.tessenshow.co.uk/london/news/wordshark-online-has-arrived 


View the website here